Forty Two


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Forty two is how many days we’ve been living out of a suitcase.  We’ve enjoyed being able to spend many of those days seeing new places, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends. Being homeless is getting old, but the end is near and hopefully the next two weeks will fly by.

Our journey to Singapore began so smoothly. My dad dropped the kids and I off at the airport 2 hours prior to departure. Plenty of time to get our bags (9 huge ones) checked and through security. We sat at our gate waiting for our plane to arrive. I got caught up on Facebook, took a few pics of the kids, etc. Long story short, we were sitting at the wrong gate! I have never felt such panic as I did while running through the airport at 6:40 pm (flight departure time 6:40). I realized at that moment I could NEVER be a contestant on the Amazing Race due to my inability to run for more than 30 seconds at a time. I kept encouraging my soccer playing and cross country sons to RUN to the gate!!! As we approached the gate, four disappointed looking gate agents greeted us with the sad news. The flight had departed without us. Panic set in as we frantically searched for a flight to San Francisco to no avail. Luckily, we found a flight with 4 seats to San Jose that would get us there in time to “hopefully” catch a shuttle to SFO in time for our flight to Singapore. For 3 hours I sat on that flight going over in my mind how close the timing was going to be. Factoring in our late departure and being stuck in the back row of the plane, were we going to make it? How am I going to tell Bill that I stupidly sat at the wrong gate for two hours? My 3 amazing children were nothing but supportive and reassuring. “It’s ok, mom. We are going to make it.” Love these guys so much.
Got off the plane in pretty good time and a quick run through the terminal to the waiting shuttle and we were off to San Francisco. I asked our driver to please put the pedal to the metal, he obliged. It also helped that it was midnight and no traffic. Arrived at SFO airport in a quick 35 min. and ran to the Singapore Airlines gate agent who quickly checked us in. Phew! We made it. Now for the next 13 hours I could relax a bit and rest easy. Soon we’d see Bill and all would be right.

We arrived in Singapore last Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we spent looking at housing. It’s been a busy few days. We are slowly adjusting to the time change and with each day we are becoming less comatosed . We have put in a letter of intent for a condo at the Four Seasons. They are remodeling the facilities and therefore the rent is a little lower at the moment making it within our budget. We will send out that info when it’s a done deal. More to come…just wanted to let everyone know we are here.  Here are a few pictures of friends and family we were able to see before our departure.
Love to all!
The Dolny’s



Hard Decisions

By far the hardest decision we had to make with our move was what do we do with Molly. Going on 13 years we felt like she would not handle the move overseas well and the fact that she contracted Valley Fever in Arizona would prevent her from passing quarantine. As hard as it would be to leave her behind we felt this was the best decision for her. We found the most amazing family to take her and love her. Molly being the smart girl she was knew something was changing. The day the movers came she had a seizure caused by the Valley Fever. The Lawless family was still up for taking care of her in spite of this latest setback. After two weeks of constant care, love and no improvement they decided to put her down.
Molly was a blessing to our family and she will be greatly missed.
July 18th 2003- June 30th 2014DSC_0117