Hard Decisions

By far the hardest decision we had to make with our move was what do we do with Molly. Going on 13 years we felt like she would not handle the move overseas well and the fact that she contracted Valley Fever in Arizona would prevent her from passing quarantine. As hard as it would be to leave her behind we felt this was the best decision for her. We found the most amazing family to take her and love her. Molly being the smart girl she was knew something was changing. The day the movers came she had a seizure caused by the Valley Fever. The Lawless family was still up for taking care of her in spite of this latest setback. After two weeks of constant care, love and no improvement they decided to put her down.
Molly was a blessing to our family and she will be greatly missed.
July 18th 2003- June 30th 2014DSC_0117

2 thoughts on “Hard Decisions

    • Thanks Laura. Yes, it’s been difficult, but we are glad we were able to spend these last days with her. Looks like your vacation is going well 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in August!

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