Living in Sing

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Well, I have had lots of requests for an update.  Here we go…

We are finally settled into our permanent housing located at the Four Seasons Park.  Yes, the Four Seasons.  I’m pretty sure there is only one season here…HUMID and RAINY season!  Nevertheless, we are in the Autumn building (my favorite season!).  It’s adorned with beautiful orchids in the lobby, which I love to see everyday.  On our first night in our new home we were awakened by Bobby (BTW – now going by Robert) at 3am.  “Mom, I think my bathtub is shooting out water?”  Dazed, I jumped out of bed (hearing an odd sound) to find my feet splashing down onto the floor full of water.  Panic set in…”shit, shit, shit”, I blurted out as I tiptoed through the water to his bathroom.  Each step I took, more panic set in.  Our home was like the streets after a hard Phoenix rain!   The bidet hose had busted and was shooting a very powerful stream of water onto the floor. I am thankful for two things:  1. Bill cut his trip short and had gotten in the night before   2. There are drains located in the bathroom and kitchen floor.  We swept water into drains and used EVERY towel we had to soak up all the water.  Back in bed by 5am and back up for school at 6am.  Next day all bidets were removed from our home.

We settled on the Four Seasons for it’s location, not it’s size.  It’s definitely smaller than we are used to, but the convenience of being in the heart of things is awesome.   We have tennis courts, gym, squash court, and swimming pool and are only about a 7min walk to the nearest MRT.  I’m definitely getting my exercise from walking everywhere.  We are still not certain about getting a car at this point.  Getting a taxi usually isn’t too bad and you can book one ahead of time.  The kids have a 45 min. bus ride to school that picks them up here at the Four Seasons.

Emily has already joined the crew rowing club here and had her first practice last night.  She seems to really enjoy her classes and her teachers.  Everything at this school is on the computer!  Google calendar, blogs, homework, you name it.  Such a great experience for them all and skills that they will use forever.  The best part is that every teacher uses these resources, so it’s very easy to find information.  Band is small here.  Not much else to say about that.

Billy is going to join the climbing club.  He’s pretty excited about that and really wants to do the scuba diving club.  I told him that we’ll have to see how the school work is coming along first.  Billy loves having the MacBook.  Again, the kids do everything on the computer.  The school provides MacBooks for middle school students.

Robert is signed up for soccer through ANZA (Australian/New Zealand Association) and that starts in two weeks.  Not sure if we picked the right one, but we will find out.  They both really like their teachers as well.  Just looking for the right friend groups and sometimes that takes a while.

The boys are headed to Malaysia on Monday for 3 days.  The school takes them on a trip called CWW (Classroom Without Walls) to promote team building, friendships, etc.  A month in and our kids are already headed to different countries!  I’m so excited for them 🙂

I’ve managed to join several clubs (American Women’s Association, ANZA, SACAC, and more to come I”m sure!).  I’ve signed up for a tour on Sept. 3rd in Chinatown called Mooncake Walk.  I’m so excited to take advantage of these tours around Singapore and beyond.  I’ve also joined a walking group that meets at the Botanic Gardens MWF.  I haven’t jumped into the PTA stuff yet.  The school is pretty far from here and I’m rather enjoying my free time to explore.  PTA might take a backseat this year…GASP!

Bill is a trooper.  He is juggling his new job, helping us settle in, and travel.  He seems to be enjoying his job and that makes us happy.

All is well here!  Miss everyone!

Singapore Dolny’s

Things that make me go, hmmm…

Things that make me go,  hmmm…

1.  Light switches – Off is ON and On is OFF!

2. New money and old money.  Same denomination,

different looks.  It’s hard enough learning the new currency, but to throw me a curve ball with old money?…not fair!

Old Money and New Money

Old Money and New Money

3.  Uncle – This is what you address an older gentleman. “Uncle, can you get me a taxi?”.  Sorry to all my real uncles…you’ve been replaced.

4. Food Shopping – I find myself second guessing every single item because of the outrageous prices!  My poor children are starving (not really, we just eat out a lot)!

5. Back to switches – There are on/off switches for EVERYTHING!!!  Even the plugs have an on/off switch.  I’m scared to find out how much money it’s costing us when we forget to turn off these switches. Yikes!

6.  Voices on the TV – No, not spooky paranormal voices, but the actual characters voices are higher pitched.  Bill tried to correct this on the tv settings, but we are stuck listening to prepubescent sounding males.

7. Total cost – When I’m at the grocery store I’ve noticed that a total price may be $51.03.  It took me a couple of times to realize that there is not a 1 cent coin in Singapore.  I “think” that they round down when this occurs.  I need to pay more attention.  I just don’t want to look like a complete idiot and question this.

Things that make me go, “yeah baby! ”

1. No tipping!  Yes, that’s right!  Taxi’s, waitresses, etc. Nada!!!

2.  Smooth skin and silky hair.

3. Australian TV


Hope all is well on the other side!  Coming soon… The Dolny’s take on Nature!