Koh Samui, Thailand


With Thanksgiving just 3 short months away, I’m just now blogging about Thanksgiving adventure 2015.  Get ready for the blog catch up series!

Thanksgiving in Thailand 2015

I attempted to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal the weekend before Thanksgiving and I’m so glad I did.  There is a familiar comfort in food around the holidays.  The only thing missing was extended family around the table. IMG_2587.JPG

Off to Koh Samui we go!  I was so excited to finally get to Thailand and had heard many great things about KS.  Our first hotel was full of activities and had an awesome beach.  The first night we were there it happened to be a holiday called LoyKrathong.  So Billy,  Emily and I made a traditional Krathong out of coconut leaves and flowers to set adrift later that night.

That evening we enjoyed an elaborate beach BBQ, mocktails, and a parade to celebrate Loy Krathong along with a beauty contest.  All the contestants were beautiful employees of the resort. We then lit the candles on our Krathongs and set out to sea to end the festive evening.

The next day we did an excursion to see the elephants and waterfalls.  We have ridden elephants in other countries and this experience was by far the best.  As you know, I’m writing this 9 months after our trip and since then a father was killed by one of these beauties in front of his family.  We will not be riding anymore elephants and are now sadly painfully aware of the inhumane treatment of these animals.

Billy and Emily enjoyed the opportunity to “drive” these mighty beasts and luckily had no incidents.  At the end of the trail we were able to feed them. Slobbery trunks grabbing at the offered bananas was oddly connecting.

Now it’s time to cool off in the waterfall. We found the perfect photo op on this rock in front of this beautiful waterfall.  We took a few pics and realised that the shadows covered our faces, so we sat down for some new ones.  As soon as we got up from the rock, Emily slipped and plunged into the cold water.  She was graceful in her recovery and the audience watching didn’t laugh too hard, unlike her family. Afterwards, we found a nice area to swim and sun on the rocks.

Off to dinner with an amazing view!

That next morning we received a letter under our door that the manager had a special offer for us.  We excitedly headed to the front office and were given an upgrade to a different (more upscale) resort not far away.  We all enjoyed the family villa and new area of the island to explore for our last two nights.  Unfortunately, the new resort was not near a shopping area (good for the pocketbook!)  Bill and I left the kids at the new resort and went to do a little shopping before our dinner reservation.  We had scheduled the kids transportation from the hotel to the restaurant to meet us.  After waiting at the restaurant for about 15 minutes and no kids, I started to panic.  We had no way to get in touch because their cell phones only worked on wifi.  A few calls to the hotel later, and many more grey hairs, they safely arrived.  The van driver had taken them to the wrong restaurant and luckily, Emily had been paying attention and told him the name of the correct restaurant.  Geez.  What a wake up call that was! Scare aside, this had to be by far one of the most memorable restaurants where we have eaten.  Our own private “tree house” with music selection. You know it’s fancy when they offer you the knife selection as well as having a salt connoisseur. Smoking shooters were the highlight for the kids!

Temple time!  Wat Plai Laem greeted us with a giant 18 arm statue of Guanyin (goddess love and protection). Surrounded by a lake, it was a very tranquil place of worship.

Next is Big Buddha Temple.  It didn’t disappoint!



Hin Ta and Hin Yai (Grandpa and Grandma) Rocks look like the male and female genitalia.  However, after looking through our pictures Bill is standing in front of (Grandpa), so you can’t really see the “male” rock formation…only the tip over his shoulder. TMI?  Sorry. It’s a pretty big tourist attraction…haha.IMG_3024IMG_3036IMG_3053

Ended our vacation with a little Football Golf!  So much fun!!!!  Just like golf only with a soccer ball.  Super hot and LOTS of mozzies, but had a great time.

Thanks for the great memories Thailand…

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