Bintan, Indonesia

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Bintan is a 45 minute ferry ride southeast of Singapore. I knew Bill would be traveling during the school October break, so this was the perfect “beginner” trip for me. We had only been in Singapore for two months and I wasn’t quite ready to travel abroad alone with the kids. We planned this trip with another family whose father was also traveling…which tends to be the norm around here.
I did my trip advisor research and decided on Club Med (all inclusive…easy) resort and spa. I wasn’t expecting much since I hadn’t been impressed at all with the beaches here in Singapore. As you can see in the pictures I was pleasantly surprised. The beaches were gorgeous! What a nice hidden gem so close to Singapore.
The first morning we were awakened by little kids laughing and high-pitched squeals of excitement. Looking out on our balcony we were face to face with a family of monkeys. These little guys weren’t afraid of anything! Hotel staff swooped in a shooed them off. Boo…the kids loved these furry friends.
By far the most exciting activity for the kids were the kayaks! They overturned on every wave and LOVED it! They had fun comparing battle bruises. Second, was probably the snorkelling. I wish I had a camera to show you Emily holding a clown fish scooped up in her hands. Amazing! We also enjoyed archery, trapeze, karaoke, staff shows, and ping-pong. Needless to say, the kids were never bored.