Things that make me go, hmmm…

Things that make me go,  hmmm…

1.  Light switches – Off is ON and On is OFF!

2. New money and old money.  Same denomination,

different looks.  It’s hard enough learning the new currency, but to throw me a curve ball with old money?…not fair!

Old Money and New Money

Old Money and New Money

3.  Uncle – This is what you address an older gentleman. “Uncle, can you get me a taxi?”.  Sorry to all my real uncles…you’ve been replaced.

4. Food Shopping – I find myself second guessing every single item because of the outrageous prices!  My poor children are starving (not really, we just eat out a lot)!

5. Back to switches – There are on/off switches for EVERYTHING!!!  Even the plugs have an on/off switch.  I’m scared to find out how much money it’s costing us when we forget to turn off these switches. Yikes!

6.  Voices on the TV – No, not spooky paranormal voices, but the actual characters voices are higher pitched.  Bill tried to correct this on the tv settings, but we are stuck listening to prepubescent sounding males.

7. Total cost – When I’m at the grocery store I’ve noticed that a total price may be $51.03.  It took me a couple of times to realize that there is not a 1 cent coin in Singapore.  I “think” that they round down when this occurs.  I need to pay more attention.  I just don’t want to look like a complete idiot and question this.

Things that make me go, “yeah baby! ”

1. No tipping!  Yes, that’s right!  Taxi’s, waitresses, etc. Nada!!!

2.  Smooth skin and silky hair.

3. Australian TV


Hope all is well on the other side!  Coming soon… The Dolny’s take on Nature!