Apology to my daughter

It has recently come to my attention, that I have utterly embarrassed my teenage daughter and her friends with my last post.  “Mom, how could you call yourselves the “Fab Five”, that is so “clique”ish and snobby!”. “That totally reminded me of the Mean Girls movie”.  And so on…

Dear Emily,

I’ve been a part of many amazing groups of ladies in my lifetime, that all in some way have made me the person I am today.  A few being, Tau Beta Sigma, numerous bunko groups, Lakewood PTA, Altadena PTO, and so on.  All with some sort of title to describe it.  So, when thinking about describing my current group of friends, I went with the most obvious…Fabulous.

So, in order to stop any further emotional embarrassment to you and your friends, I’ve updated the name of our group.  We will now be known as, “The Flab Four and counting”.  I’m hoping that this is more welcoming, non judgemental, and inclusive. Yes, I’m sorry, but they must have some “flab” somewhere on their body (arm flab, back flab, chin flab, etc.)  to be a part of our inclusive circle.  If they do NOT have “flab”, they can just hang out with us a few times and that will change.  We are currently working on a secret flab shake,  I mean hand shake.  All flab will be welcomed here.

You can occasionally catch the “Flab Four” hanging out with our cohorts, “The Gazelles”.  Yes kids, that’s what your dad’s call their little group…go figure that one out!

I hope that this title is more acceptable.  Please forgive us for feeling good about our friendships here in a new country, while missing our traveling husbands, and keeping up with you nimrods.

Love you,

Your Flab Mom